Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Word

Driving in the Night
By Stephanie

The rain slides under the wet wheels.
Lights pass fewer and fewer by the hour.
Nothing but the water falling from the heavens to keep our company.
Headlights from the following car is the only light that pours through our windows now.
The heat envelopes us,
comforting us.
My fingers still wander across the ice cold window,
Seeking the wetness on the other side.

Sleep is beckoning me but I try to resist it's powerful grip.
My eyes find a sleeping body next to me.
I smile as I see my sister dreaming in peace,
Away from the terror of the modern world around us.
My eyelids are weighted and begin to fall.
As much as I struggle,
Sleep slowly overcomes.
When I awake I wish to find that the light has saved us from our endless darkness of night.

About a couple years ago I found that I really enjoyed to write. At one point I was even writing a book...which if you are reading and you didn't know about that don't bother asking cause it was stupid and got accidentally erased so there. The poem above was something i wrote on a lovely trip to the 2008 Planet Wisdom Youth Conference. I haven't thought about that poem for so long but like 5 people have brought it up this past week so i thought i would bring it back out of hiding. I wish i still wrote like know like poems and such. I used to sit in my room, in a car, outside on a porch and just write poetry. It was a great way for me to release and get away from everything. But I haven't done that in a long while.

I just love to read and write...i feel like you can really get to know someone by reading their work. Cause in every piece of my writings has some part of me and my personality and my feelings and emotions at the time. That's why I love to dig into the Bible...I get to know the Lord my God so much better by each word i read. If my desire is to get to know Him better then shouldn't I go directly to His Word?? Makes sense doesn't it?

Finding out more everyday,

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