Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just call me Smiles

My church is so freaking amazing!! I am so lucky to be a part of a youth group and a church family that is so close and is so centered on the glorification of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. I just cant get enough of it...I have some of the bestest friends in the world there. I met my mentor there, I have family that goes there [or some that i call family], my sister's roommates were met there, I was baptized there, I came fully to the Lord there, some of the greatest moments in my life were THERE. I love it so much. God put this in my life right at the exact moment when it was needed, and i thank Him everyday for this blessing that is called North Ridge Church.

Tonight was cell group... senior high girls, cookies, laughter, best friends, talks of The Christmas Party, stories, The Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, the joy of seeing other's desires for Christ.
I love those much. [ The Alumni too!...that would be you Katie and Anna]

Also I made a phone call tonight. One phone call that i had been nervous to make. I dont really entirely know why i was nervous cause it was one person that I love and could say anything to but anywho, I would love to have a perfect memory so i could remember all that was said and everything we had talked about but i dont have that good of a memory so i can only remember the things that made me smile and giggle and repeat in my head as i was talking to her. But those are good enough for me...until we hang out next. I cant wait till our special "date day"...a week is too long though. But that is just one more thing to look forward to next week and hopefully it will make the week go by faster.

"Then bursting forth in glorious day, out from the grave He rose again and as He stands in victory. Since curses lost its grip on me, for I am His and He is mine bought with precious blood of Christ...

No guilt in life, no fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me. From life's first cries to final breath Jesus commands my destiny. No power of Hell and no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hands. Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ ill stand."

My desire for Him grows with every breath i intake,


Daryl Munroe said...

haha i made a comment about the "alumni" too on mine :p love you!

cattywalk said...

amen, amen.