Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Swiss...Much Bliss"

4 lovely days of doing nothing but taking decent photos of a fabulous band...doing nothing but listening to them speak in a language i am slowly learning...doing nothing but seeing and hearing God being glorified to the highest in everything they did...doing nothing but messing and joking around [mostly me just making smart comments directed at her which in turn makes her annoyed with me hahaha] with Jess...doing nothing but hearing genius's speak of genius things...doing nothing but smiling at their banter [ for those of you who now me and are reading this, think of a couple that is perfect together and have an on going adorable banter at all times...who is it? yep]...doing nothing but "pounding it" with Daniel...doing nothing but letting Dustin teach me some beats...doing nothing but lying in a bed at night with a spectacular friend/mentor giggling at the funny things that happened in the previous day...doing nothing but having a camera of sorts attached to my person at all times...doing nothing but praising Christ with every step i took...doing nothing but laughing at John being John...doing nothing but listening to our theme cd...doing nothing but being thankful for that time i got to spend with them and doing what i was doing...doing nothing but having a ridiculously amazing time at Beaufort with them...

Thank you


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Daryl Munroe said...

aw sounds quite lovely stephers :]