Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Own Type of Sisterhood

So my friends are extraordinary...


Well really she is my sister but she is also without a doubt my best friend in the entire world. There is no one that understands me more and i dont think there ever will be. She is the strongest and bravest person I have ever met and im not just saying that cause she is my sister. If i am in a bad mood she could cheer me up in an instant. We are like different people around each other...but mostly it only comes out when we are alone together. I love her so much and to have her as a sister is one of the best blessings that God has ever bestowed upon me. I love you Whitta!

Hannah Grace:

I remember a time when we were younger that i probably couldn't stand her cause she was two years younger than I and she was bossy and I did not like her very much. BUT when i moved up here a couple years ago we were inseparable and now I look over her like she is my younger sister. I think she is soo talented in many areas like basketball and she has an amazing voice and I think that she is going to grow up to be a beautiful woman of God. I know her faith is going to be tested and tried but i also know that she will stand firm and be a lighthouse for Christ. He is going to do so many wonderful things through her. I love my Hannah!


What do I say first? How do i communicate what she has been in my life? Our friendship started as a Shep to a JH...I met her and I watched her and I looked up to her and I didnt even really know her, all i knew was that she was an amazing musician and she had the biggest heart for the Lord and she shone for Him unlike anyone I had ever met before. And bit by bit we had a few conversations talking about music and classes and small talk...but that small talk led to realizing that we both had basically the same music taste. And the rest is a bunch of lovely things that has led to her help with finding my passion for technical work and her leading my heart closer to the Lord with every moment we have been together. Now she is my mentor, my imaginary sister and an unbelievable friend. I look up to her so much its crazy. I love you Jess so much!


It is crazy to think that Catherine and I have only known each other for about a year now. The first time i ever met her was at Senior High Girls Cell Group. She made me laugh so hard that night and I didnt even know who she was. She seriously is like my older sister. She looks out for me and takes care of me and laughs with me and hugs me so sincerely. One thing that she does that i love is when she hugs me she tells me she loves me and kisses me on the head. It makes me smile every time. She encourages me in my walk with Christ at any moment she can and is always there when i need her. There have been times where I have been crying or have had just a bad week and she has been there and makes me smile again. I love you Catty!

and if i had time in this night i would go on and talk about Heather and how she is has been a joy in my life that has made me smile even on the bad days. And Sam of how she is exactly what i want to be like when i am older...we like the exact same things and agree on so much and she is spectacular. And Anna and how she has been my source of light in youth group and now that she is gone to college she is still and will always be someone that i could tell anything to. And Katie and how she is one person that I have come to know so much more just in the past few months and I tell her everything and hold nothing back and she is my Toon! And Daryl and how she makes me desire the Lord so much more because of every word that comes out of her mouth...

They are all so important to me and i love them so dearly!

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Katie Smith said...

I love you too dear. Thanks for being amazing!! :)