Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Second Semester,

Je m'ppelle Stephanie! I totally learned that in French I this past semester...aren't yall proud?

So as of today at 10:45am. it was declared that my first semester of my sophomore year of high is officially over and done with. No more French I or Chemistry or Algebra II [i cant add Technical Theatre cause that will continue for the duration of my high school career]. I at least got all As and one B...seriously though im kinda disappointed in my B because it is a point away from an A and I just dont like Bs...As are better. Anywho, only 4 months and lets say about 3 weeks away from summer. But there are no breaks or days off until April....sucky! But thats okay, ill get through it. Cause you know Jess is always saying that we have too much school off so ill make up for it in these next two months.

Im too excited for this next semester!

  • Civics/Economics- eh, but i am in a class with a bunch of my friends soo...i think ill deal!
  • Creative Writing II- SOO EXCITED! A class where all we do is write and a lot of my friends are in that class as well...im stoked.
  • French II-Basically it is my same class as French I so we will have fun together!
  • English II- I love English lets just put it that way!! I just cant wait! And i just found out that im in the same class with my good friend Abbey!! We 4th period together again! We will rock out that class!
Im so pumped. Tomorrow is our first day of our second semester so it will be a bunch of this is what we are doing in this class for the rest of the year and this is what you will need for the course and introductions and all that jazz...and then top it off with youth group tomorrow night! And I have new shoes! I just cant wait!


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