Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Cell Group of 2009

Tonight was usual, the ingredients to this wicked awesomeness are as follows;

  • Laughter
  • Senior High girls
  • Smiles
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Word
  • Our Praises
  • Our hearts poured out
  • Our inside jokes
  • Our leader [ usually gunna miss her for these few weeks]
  • Prayer
  • Friendship
  • Family
  • His name proclaimed even in our times of giggles
  • The Womb
  • The Man Cave
  • The Gym
  • The JHs
  • The Sheps
  • The Fun

Not to mention the awesome phone call i got tonight...that i was not expecting but it was oh so lovely. I cannot wait until we get to talk more about my future plans...i would very much like to know her input!

I love praising Christ through friendship!

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