Monday, January 5, 2009

Perfection in a Degree

Oh my gosh, why cant anyone be online tonight!?! I cant even contain myself!

Sooo here is the story...

I was kind of bored tonight so i decided to go log into and just browse around a little bit more. [basically cause i think it is fun and i am obsessed with planning] Anywho, so i was just going down their list of schools and i came to Campbell University. So i clicked on it and went to their undergraduate programs and scrolled down until i came to Theatre Arts and i looked over to their Tracks, Concentrations, & Specializations for Theatre Arts and I saw it!!! Theatre, Drama and Christian Ministry! Oh my gosh! Freak out number one! SO then i go and click on their descriptive brochure to learn more about it and it says;

The Campbell Program:
• Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts for students wishing to
receive broad theatre training within a liberal arts tradition
• Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama & Christian Ministry for students
who want to use drama in a ministerial capacity.

The Campbell Approach:
We offer a variety of theatre-related courses to give you the broadest
possible exposure to this fascinating, rigorous discipline. You’ll study
the literature of the theatre, the technical side of productions (including
scenery, lighting, costume design, construction, etc.) acting, directing,
and more.

Is that not perfect!!! Combining my two passions into one;

  • The Glorification of our Lord and Savior
  • Theatre!
Good Gracious, i am having a good night!


Katie Smith said...

STEPH!! That is soo exciting!! That right there is you in a package. I'd take that as a little miracle that you saw that! Campbell is an awesome school, Stephen went there for a year.

Anonymous said...

you'd be a camel!
and not to mention you'd only be an hour away...