Monday, January 19, 2009

The Flame

This room is dark.
A darkness that is filled with sadness, sorrow and loneliness.
The only light that radiates is the flame that I hold tightly in my palms.

The flame is bright but the darkness still surrounds.
The silent blackness screams at me to blow out the flame and step into its ways.
When I refuse it blows hard and tries to extinguish the source of light.
But the more the Darkness blows the stronger I hold to the flame,
and the more the flame grows in light and power.

I look to the Light and it smiles at me and comforts me
It urges me to rise up and fight for Him.
So I stand strong in that room of screaming blackness.
I hold out my hands so that even though they try to smother it they shall still see the illuminating flame.
Because even Satan cowers at sight The Lord.

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