Saturday, January 10, 2009

With The Hand That Conquers

Can I cry?
Can I crumble down into a ball and weep?
Can I let my tears spill over my eye lids tonight?
Can I wipe off this artificial smiling face?
Can I stop cowering behind my laughter for these moments?

I need to stop pretending that I have it all figured out.
I need to start being that light that Christ has placed upon me.
I need a harder grasp on His hand.
I need not be afraid of what they, he, she thinks.
I need to speak and let them hear.
I need to be His servant.
I need to be His vessel.
I need to be His light.
I need to be His works.
I need to be His voice.
I need to be His hands.
I need to be His feet.
I need to be His child.

So I shall be strong,
I shall not fear what they fear.
I shall put my hand firmly into His.
And with The Lord God Almighty's hand in mine,
I shall conquer!
I shall conquer!


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