Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Much Better

I was so nervous...the second before i reached over and grabbed her hand my heart was pounding and my tummy was fluttering. I always get that way before i go and talk to someone. I just get a bit nervous and when i am talking to that person i never say exactly what i wanted to say and what i had planned out in my head. "Hey Hey thats okay, I was made that way" [sorry little reference that i just had to add].


As we walked she apologized..WHAT?!?...for waiting what three days after I had told her that i wanted to talk to her...That apology was definitely NOT NEEDED! But from there it was me speaking, me crying and speaking at the same time, her thinking silence [she does that every time i have talked to her in a serious conversation and it makes me smile cause thats her personality and she is just trying to find the exact words to say...i love it], her speaking to me words that i desperately needed to hear, her smiling at me as water streamed from my eyes [ i needed that smile] , our adorable interruption from her lovely boyfriend, a prayer, a hug that i just melted into and didnt want to let go of...fantastic!

All i can say is that i love her and that was exactly what I needed!

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