Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Wake up God was working very hard last night..."


This morning i awoke to see about a 2in layer of snow covering the ground and flakes still falling consistently. What a lovely feeling! No school, no worries, all fun. It was a completely happy day! Some of the most special girls in my life came over at like 9am and stayed all day! They were lovely and beautiful. I dont think i would have liked to spend it with anyone else! All we did was...

  • sledding down a huge hill,
  • snow ball fights with neighborhood little boys [we killed them],
  • snow angels on the golfcourse behind our house,
  • football in the snow
  • home run derby in the snow
  • home made hot chocolate
  • falling asleep to a movie on a big pallet in the middle of our basement
  • chili for dinner
  • making cookies
  • making smores on our fire pit outside!!
  • just being with the girls hanging out
It was such a happy day but i am sad it is over, but I still have another snow day tomorrow.
I just wish the girls could have stayed over...It has been too long since the last unexpected sleep over, or sleep over for that matter. I love them.


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