Sunday, January 18, 2009

So simple...right?

A hug is so simple. Wrap your arms around the other person and squeeze. I probably hugged about 15-20 people tonight. But you know what, i think people have over used the hug. For me a hug is a sign of affection. You hug a dear friend, a loved one, someone you know really well or grew up with. But now its like you hug everyone that you say hi to or have met like once or twice. And hugs are now just a wrap and release now. No more of the squeeze that says "hey i love you". The hugs i truly adore are the ones after a one and one chat or the ones after a good girl talk or the ones after sitting outside just talking to a good friend for about an hour or the ones when someone you love returns home or even the ones when you are saying goodbye to someone you love. Those are the ones where you dont just hug the person you hold on to that person. I want to hug a person and in just that one hug say I love you are my friend, my sister, my parental, my mentor, my brother, my Toon. If a hug can spread love and love can be used in a way to witness to unbelievers than shouldn't we all hug like we mean it?

I love hugs,

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Katie Smith said...

your Toon!!!! Awww I love you, Steph.

Thanks for using me in your blog! :)