Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live from NRC Tech Booth.

So Im here at the church and im up in the booth "doing sound"...yeah right. Well im here on the call of one Jessie to help them out with sound while they practice...but the thing is, is that im not the best sound manager type of person. Yeah i know what the definition of EQ and AUX are but seriously put me on a sound board and i get nervous. Especially when you add Dan Seaman [the best sound/technician i know] and Jessica Ray [ second best technician i know]. Sheesh. As i look at the board scares me. What if I mess up? What if i screw up? What if...what if...what if?? I need to learn to be confident in what i am doing. I mean i am going to be working with this for rest of my life. Ill get over it...eventually. 

They sound amazing! Just to let you know...=].

Their voices are making me smile, 

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