Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Youth Group with Eyes for Christ's Plans

Tonight was great!

Youth Group was fantastic. I mean some things were just off but the rest of it was just great!

Dan spoke of the power of the name of Christ Jesus. He spoke of salvation that MUST only be given my one name. He spoke of Peter and John and their defiance against the temple. He spoke of the priests and teachers of the law even noted that Peter and John, two ordinary men that had no schooling, they spoke with words of courage and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. He spoke on how we shouldn't care of what they, he, she thinks and just preach. We need to be disciples whether that means right here in Raleigh or in a country across the seas. God spoke to us through the mouth of Daniel Seaman tonight. It was fantastic!

It completely spoke to my heart tonight. I have been hesitant and scared to say that I think I am being called to missions. The thing is that everyone is called to missions but some are called to go to distant and foreign land and some are called to the homeland. I will continue to actively wait on which of those God calls me to.

Later That Night...

After Youth Group ended the Senior Highers came over to my house for the final M.A.S.H. [Meet At Some one's House...creative right?] of the year. This is basically when we go to some one's house and they have food and we just hang out and have a good time and rejoicing in the blessings of Jesus Christ. So tonight was the Drummond Family's turn...which was awesome! My dad cooked brick-grilled Cuban sandwiches and we had chips and cupcakes and candy...and lots of soft-drinks. So after the race between Nate, Bizz, and Anna to get to my house...i rode in Nate's car [ the cool he puts it] we all met at my house and just started having a good time. The boys watched sports and played pool and the girls all sat in my room and talked and had a great time. In the girl room we laughed about silly things and talked about even sillier topics. But there was one thing we decided to do while we were down there alone. I had sent out a message to all of the girls just asking them to pray for a friend of ours that is in the midst of making an album, Jessica Lyndon Ray. She was in Texas this past weekend recording the final part...vocals. Now its the final stretch...getting it all put together into one single album. So my friend Rachel and I were talking about it and so we thought we should get all the girls together and pray for Jess and the Band. So while all the girls and I were in my room we got into a circle, held hands, and prayed for the band. It was great. I love that our youth group is so close and centered around God that we do that kind of stuff you know? It was awesome!

Come to find out later that our Youth Pastor, Dan, he came in and we were praying! haha. He went back out into our basement and he laughed and said, " They are either praying or they have a Ouija Board in there. Lets hope its the first!" haha He would make that joke. I love my youth pastor!

But now i have to go get some sleep...LAST THREE FULL DAYS THIS WEEK! And then we have 4 half days but still.

Goodnight Bloggy People,

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