Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And it is only the second day...

So wow, i love high school. Its uncontrollable, i just do. There is just something about it that fascinates me. Today i sat in 4th period Algebra II, about 20 mins until the bell would ring telling us it was time to leave, and i just thought as was trying to finish up my last few equations, i love doing this. I love learning, understanding, walking the halls, running up to the third floor from the first trying to get to class before my five mins are up, sitting at a desk, taking notes (i love notes by the way), listening to the teacher, waving to a friend as we walk past in the hall, responsibilities, being organized, assigned seats, laughing at lunch, raising my hand, campus, teachers, seeing someone i have never seen before every day, swivel seats, binders, homework, classwork, standing right outside of the school right before the first warning bell rings and looking at all the happenings that surrounds me, the sounds, walking on the black stage of the theatre, being back in the shop of the theatre, walking above everyone on the catwalk, things that are starting to fill my calender, planners, working after school on props for the upcoming play/musical/dance recital, hall passes, pink schedules, advisory, bells, lockers, combinations, forms, full backpacks, name cards, sitting in alphabetical order with Mr. Orsett's class, doing the wave in the middle of class, conversations with teachers, discussions, french names, Savage, daydreaming during class, acting out skits of Lab Safety, making stupid list like this in my head during school hours, getting a seat on the pink couch, seeing memories from last year, 1000 freshmen, roll call, pens, SCHOOL!

I am determined to have a fantastical year and nothing less!


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