Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once upon a times and happily ever afters

Why cant life be simple? You know, like in those fairy tales we are told as a kid. Sometimes i think my once upon a time wont have a happily ever after. Then i remember, if i have Christ on my side, i will always have a happily ever after. My end will just be the beginning of a wonderful eternity of praise and worship.

I once had a dream when i was little, i don't know around five or six years old. My dream was in heaven or what i thought was heaven and i was with my little brother. We were dancing and laughing with angels and everything was so bright and happy. And i remember in my dream knowing that God was right there with us although i never saw Him in my dream , but i remember in knowing that He was near to me and smiling down on me, i was safe and the happiest i had ever been.

Now whenever i feel alone or scared i remember that God is right there with me and sometimes i get that same feeling as if i were in my dream again.

Waiting for my true eternal happily ever after,


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