Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheesh i love this feeling,

I am so happy! Like a happiness even i cant explain! I just want to smile all the time and spread my happiness and laugh and have a great time all day long. I want to make the best out of everything and not complain about anything. I am in my first week of school i am supposed to, directed by teen law, be completely depressed that i have to go back to school but it isn't like that for me this year. This year everything is a blessing and is so much fun. Why should i look at anything God has given me with disgust? That is a horrid offense that shouldn't be forgiven, but he is Christ Jesus our Lord and he forgives. Wow, i love being this happy, i love being this close to my Lord and Savior. You know i am huge on lists so here i go... all i want to do right now at this moment is; laugh, smile uncontrollably, hug real tight cause i can, love, scream "God is my Victory" and " All of my life in every season You are still God I have a reason to sing I have a reason to worship", and now i have to go to bed cause i am already 30 min past my bedtime...i don't think i will be able to fall asleep i am so happy.

my happiness provided by One,


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