Friday, August 8, 2008

Theatre and Rating

I love theatre. Around middle school I started to like all the plays and musicals, i was even in a few myself. My drama teacher taught me all about theatre and that's when i began to love it. In the sixth grade there was a drama club at my school that my old drama teacher was teaching so i auditioned and got in. It was so much fun, i was in with all of my friends and we had a blast. Then came the final production, which i was cast as the lead female role and one of my best friends was cast as the lead male role. I just remembering having so much fun and not caring about the crowd or what people thought of my acting, i just was there to do what i loved doing. I haven't done any acting since that night. If you ask me why, i wont have an answer for you. I just don't don't have that passion that i had when i was younger. But with the loss of that passion came a passion that burns brightly within me today. The passion to work behind the scenes, lighting and tech work that kind of thing. I volunteer at a local theatre doing those types of odds and ends and I have a blast everyday. The thrill of opening night right before the curtains part is one of the best feelings. Its a mix of nervous excitement and happiness that all this work has led up to this one night. I love it.

On another subject I had a wonderful day today. It started out at the theatre and ended in a living room with a bunch of friends watching Mr. Bean. Tonight for a friend's birthday we all went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory, it was magnificent. The food was great and the company was even better.

I am going to start rating my nights by smiles

so therefore,

based on my smile; my night was about a 9 1/2!

hoping for a ten tomorrow,


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