Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surprise! Its here

Oh the summer is ending and with that comes my prison chamber called school. I have a very much love/hate relationship with school.

I just adore school sometimes. I am going into the tenth grade, wow i feel old. And i know that's when upper class men laugh or college students say I'm only beginning but to me i am in high school, that's big for me. The feeling of walking down a large hallway filled with hundreds of teens with a load of books in my back pack and even more things to be done that fill my head, makes me feel old. High school is a wonderful thing for me. I have talked about how i am a big memory experience kind of person so high school is an experience that i want to take in and remember forever. Any chance i get i want to make my high school years count. I love to be in my high school, after the hustle and bustle of the hours of learning and just walk down a silent hall and just think to myself that I am a high school student. High school just seems so much more important than any of my other grades in the past. I am such a nerd that I rejoice when i have a big report or project. And it is also that I like things that i do well and school is something that i have always excelled in so, high school is just more of that work that i do well so its fun for me. I have friends in school, sure, but really if i lost all of my friends i think i would be fine. Mostly cause i have the one friend I need by my side at all times, Christ Jesus my LORD/Emmanuel "God with us". In this coming year all I want to do is shine for Him, everyday, on my high school campus. I don't want to be anything but a servant for Him.

There are definite things about school that nag at any student. Mine include the curfew, i have a bit of a problem with that one. Its not like i am out partying at some unsupervised house or anything major like that, i just get lost up in spending time with some of the people i love the most, my friends from church. Not to mention my brain has no concept of time, it likes to stay up late even if i am home alone in my room staring up at my ceiling trying to fall asleep. Then there is the idea that school has to be spread into 9 months, sheesh. And having classes that last about 2 hours each, okay a teens attention span is only about 20 mins what about the other 1 hour and 40 mins?
Okay The Week is the week right before school starts, which is closing in on me at 100 miles per hour. But anywho, this one week out of the year I take a few hours out of everyday (or I try to at least) to spend time alone with God, praying for what He would wish for me this upcoming school year. Last year He brought me to Philippians, which the entire year was filled with things that brought me back to Philippians. But please be praying for me in this next week.

slamming on the brakes and trying to grab onto the days that are flying past me

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