Monday, August 11, 2008

The truth behind my smile

I seem like i have it all together right? Well the real truth is that i could crumble at any moment. There is this feeling that comes over me a couple days before there is a real big cry. Sometimes it is with people and sometimes i am alone in my room, but it is coming. There are just a few things in my life that are piling up on me. I don't sleep, one reason in particular but that isn't helping. I keep telling myself i need to keep it together, its just better that way. Don't get me wrong, the rest of my life is going wonderful. It is just these few things that are getting me down. I would talk about it to someone but I hate complaining about this kind of stuff and it just never seems to be the right moment. I just feel like if i give one more hug I could just fall and cry and I don't want to do that, i cant do that, I wont let myself do that! I feel like I'm failing when i cry cause I should be strong and composed all the time and you how i feel about failing. But all my hope is set in one the One.

Hanging onto His promises,


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