Thursday, August 14, 2008

I hope it is as good as the last

My year: sister moving out, the "big" school, honors classes, fun classes, loads of homework, getting taught things more than school related, helping brother with college, my own room, new friends, late nights and early mornings, smiles (always), musicals, plays, sound booths, light booths, laughter, happiness, sadness, volunteer hours, new music, Sunday Nites, 4pm on Sundays (starting this Sunday), spend the nighties, hugs, hellos, goodbyes, pictures taken (LOTS), 10th gradeness, schedules, curfews, truvytherockettaxi without the taxi, half the clothes, half the movies, double the space, more family fights, more praise to the LORD most high, decisions to be made, questions, answers, film festivals, holidays, sweet sixteen, spreading Christ's love throughout Wakefield, tech work, wonderful weekends, LONG phone calls, cell phone, drivers license, youth events and trips, shnuggling, after school fun, writing, and more.

Just a little prediction of my school year.


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