Saturday, August 23, 2008


Happy Birthday Jess! I just want to say i love her right now because i look up to her so much its unbelievable. cause whenever i talk to her i am happy and she makes everything bad i am feeling just float away. cause she is my teacher. cause she is my friend. cause she is SO cool. cause she is my mentor. cause she is the musician and i am the fan. cause she is my make believe sister. cause she giggles. cause she has the best hugs. cause she is one person i would be okay to shnuggle with (and there aren't that many). cause when we try to talk serious we end up laughing (mostly its my fault because i smile at her, hehe). cause i could mess up and she would forgive me. cause she has the best taste in music. cause she is my shepherd. cause she believes in me. cause she was one of the main people that brought my heart solely to the LORD(and she might not know that). cause she speaks for me. cause she is my sister's best friend. cause she is 5 years older than i. cause the sound of her singing makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. cause she has plans for her life. cause her passion for Christ is enormous. cause she makes mistakes. cause she gives me hope that dreams do come true. cause she has a picture of me in her car (That if it were up to me wouldn't be there). cause she trusts me. cause it amazes me that we have only known each other for about 2 years. cause she makes me laugh when i shouldn't. cause sometimes when i am around her i am an idiot but it is fun. cause when we talk she is completely serious and focused on me. cause she waited to tell me about Darlene Zschech when we were alone. cause she thinks i can really become whatever i want. cause she knows. cause if i break down and cry in her arms she would hold me and help me get to my feet again. cause when i told her she took it in stride. cause she can take my sarcastic nature. cause she is there for me. cause she is just herself and no one else.cause she is one of the most beautiful people i have ever met not only because she is pretty on the outside but the Spirit lives within her and shines out of that big (non-horse like)smile of hers. cause she has dreams. cause even though she is all of these to me i am still nervous to talk to her openly (I've never been good at it). cause when i was alone she sat with me. cause one of her smiles can make me smile for hours. cause when i did something as simple as wrap a cord she was intensely proud. cause she means so much to me.

Jess - if you do read this, on your 20th birthday i want you to know that you have had an amazingly big impact on my life and I am completely grateful for that, Thank you for being a part of my life.

And she might not even see this, which i am perfectly fine with. Actually if she does read this the probability of me avoiding her for a while is pretty high, just cause i get real embarrassed about this sort of thing.


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