Sunday, August 17, 2008

How many times can i scream Thank You Lord?

My weekend has been full of excitement, happiness, disappointment, and a lot of fun. First of all the Gilmore Girls night or as we like to call it The GilGirls Night. Six girls, one boy, take out Pei Wei, Papa John's pizza, Coca-Cola Classic, and our favorite Gilmore Girls episodes. All of that combined to become a grand night of stuffing our faces and laughing uncontrollably. Then after that fun watching Phelps win his 7th gold metal and the shock that he actually won it. Sing Star was next, the battle of voices to cheesy songs. And a big spend-the-nightie after all the fun had worn our tired eyes. Secondly has to be today or this morning really. It was amazing to see my church cry out together for God to come and fill our hearts fully. Tears in eyes and hands raised to praise Him were the last moments in the service. I don't think i have ever seen that many people at the alter of our church, it was spectacular. An all around great morning, not to mention a best friend in tears of how the Spirit had impacted her this morning. PRAISE BE TO THE LORD MOST HIGH!

ending on that note,

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