Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gift and passion given by Him

I absolutely love working with cables, cords, stands, microphones, lights, and anything else to do with technical stuff. It is so much fun, i don't think anyone even knows how much i love it. I cant even describe the feeling of it. I work with this kind of stuff in three places. Number one is my school, which is awesome cause i get to work with my friends at school and it is so laid back and fun, not to mention the teacher is amazing. Number two is NRACT, a theatre near where i live, where i get to work with one of the funniest guys i know and a great friend of mine. And number three is my church, which is the most fun of them all. I hang out with some of my favorite people and i get to do what i love most and get to listen to the worship band practice after i am done with my duties.

Tonight was my turn working at my church for the Kick Off. At this I... worked, played, laughed, learned, said first hellos, said goodbyes, felt pure happiness, got picked on, sat by best friends, sang the loudest and hardest i could possibly sing, missed my parents, got to nervous to speak privately with someone, figured out something about myself, won a game, lost a game, smiled cause at that moment i couldn't be happier, and praised the Lord most high.

with hopes of the Sunday Nites to come,


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