Monday, August 4, 2008

Uncontrolably Happy

Okay I cant stop writing tonight, I am just so happy. I am smiling at no one because no one is up, I am listening to music, Sunday Nites starts back next week, I got to spend the weekend with my friends, I have a plan for tomorrow, I have a plan for next weekend, I have a Coca-Cola Classic sitting in front of me, I just spent time with the LORD, my sister and I got to talk in length today, I took a nap today (which is a big deal for me. I never take naps), I am wearing a new shirt, my room is full of beds and memories of this weekend, i have a story/reenactment to look forward to, I have a phone call to get nervous about, I have a Coca-Cola phone sitting beside me, I have a calender full of past and future events, I have a book to finish by the end of the summer (which is nearing), I had a bow in my hair today ( I felt little again, and i loved it), I saw all of my friends smile today, i heard my dad sing this morning, Heather was on our side of the church this morning and it didn't tip over (the Rays had enough coolness to level it out), I watched my favorite movie today, i ate so much i was in pain this afternoon, I get to help with the band's equipment after youth group again (you don't even know how happy that statement just made me), I only have 9 more months with metal glued to my teeth, I get my own room in a month, there are a few people in my life that I owe a lot of my faith in Christ and i get to see them multiple times in a week, I have friends that i don't even deserve to wave at let alone have almost daily conversations with, I am too young and too old for my age, i get to pray and worship a God that is loving and faithful, God allows my small ears to hear and enjoy music, He allowed me to sit in a stairwell and hear my friend praise Him and in those moments where i was alone with Him I came running back to Him from a few days of trying to push Him away (and if my friend read this sorry I was secretly listening to you), my youth group and I are so lucky to have shepherds that have 4 1/2 hour meetings for us, I got to hear a true love story this weekend, i get to live in a free country while others have to live in fear of censoring themselves, I am a daughter a sister a friend a grand daughter a niece a cousin a student a photographer a blogger a laugher a crier a smiler a writer a reader a style a listener a praiser a watcher an analyzer a hugger a complementer a teacher a nerd a techie an idiot a college bound an oxymoron a human, I am nothing without Him.


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