Sunday, August 3, 2008

Capturing Memories

I am so blessed to have a huge memory. I am a big memory, experience kind of person. I love making memories that i will remember forever and laughing at them for years to come. Some say that I take too many pictures but I love capturing memories so that i can look at them and remember exactly what we were doing at that moment. Candid photos are even better because they show you really what was happening and they are just fun to take. Right now i am uploading pictures off of my camera and looking over these photos just make me smile. Seeing candid smiles on my friends faces brings joy to my heart, cause i know they were having a good time and i love to see my friends happy. Sometimes i wish my eyes were cameras so that whenever i wanted to record a moment i could just blink and it would be a picture forever stored away. Even though i always have my camera on my person, i just would love to take endless film and photographs of the times that i love with my friends and family. I can also take credit in doing this but people always want to see the picture after it is taken to see how they look in it. But the pictures i take aren't about if you look wonderful or not because these pictures are about the times together. There is a song about about how we should stop thinking about how we look and seeing that God made us beautiful in every way and how beautiful we would all be if we all stopped thinking about it. The song is perfect, it explains our human nature and i love it.

"How beautiful we could all be if we just stopped trying,"


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