Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coffee Days

Today. Today was a great day for almost everyone I talked to! I am looking at facebook status and all of them are saying something positive about this day..."from beginning to end, today was perfect." "Hadd a pretty awesome day!" "Happiest and most smiliest person ever!"...I agree with all of them.

Today I went to school, like every other Thursday from September - June. I watched Star Wars: New Hope in Creative Writing II. Read my book in French II while getting an A+ on a quiz. Laughed so hard I cried today at lunch. Watched a WWII video in English with Abbey sitting right next to me...we are so awesome haha.

I came out of those big high school doors, laughing at something Abbey said, and walked towards a car with a smiling Jessie inside the doors and metal. We had the windows open to the glorious weather God blessed upon our day. We drove, just a small distance, to the local Starbies. Got our drinks...both the same thing every time Grande White Mocha [iced in Summer and Spring & hot in Fall and Winter]. We chose a good spot that was perfectly situated with just enough sun. We sat and drank and talked. We talked about school and summer and Cd stuff [yay] and life and future plans and God and pirates and Emily Blunt...just Jessie and I kinda stuff. We sat there for about 2 hours and we just had one of our Coffee Days. I so dearly love them. Jess and I have a relationship unlike any other relationship I have ever had. She is my mentor and one of my closest friends, close enough to call a sister. And there are times when our lives pull us away from each other...busy days,weeks, months. But then when we get together again its like we come back to being just us and its awesome.

On our way to the house I gave Jess a mixed Cd...A Happy Summer Cd.
We just sat and talked about music and singing for another couple of minutes before she had to go.

I love her.

After the Coffee Date with Jessie I came back and went directly to the computer and wrote an Economic Essay for Civics and Economics class. And then I wrote part of a Research Paper for the Grad Project...English. And now I am writing a fictional diary entry of a Jewish prisoner in WWII in Aushwitz. I have been very productive today! I love it! Maybe I need to hang out with Jess everyday...haha righttt that will happen! haha.

Well over all fantastic day...tomorrow's friday and Michael Alvarado show yay,

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Katie Smith said...

Oh bad news. I can't go to Michael Alvarado. :(