Friday, May 29, 2009

The Conversations of a Teenage Lunch Table

At lunch today, the four girls that i sit with and myself got into a conversation about God and how evolution cannot be fact.

It was a very interesting conversation that i wish could have gone on for hours. The one girl that isn't a Christian even agreed with everything we said and contributed a lot to the conversation.

But one thing got to me...

My friend and I left lunch and walked up to our class and were talking about Jesus' second coming. I felt as if she was kinda hesitant the entire conversation. She tried to backtrack on whatever i said. Like for instance..."I don't want to say that all religions are wrong." WHAT? How can you believe that God is supreme and not say that all other religions are wrong?? I really wanted to get into that but then she changed the subject....bah. Then I said to her as the conversation was kinda ending that I would be so glad if Jesus came back at that moment and she just smiled. Then she replied " But I wanna have kids and a husband; i want a life know?" and i would have responded but again we got interrupted but this time by our teacher.

Her faith is almost superficial...she wants her own life and then Christ to come after that. Which makes me really sad because I love her.

God consume her.

praying for my friend,

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