Friday, May 22, 2009

Hmm...I approve of Friday May 22th, 2009

I find that i crave three things after i go on a run. 
  • Ice water...mmm. 
  • A BIG salad! 
  • A shower! yay. 
So i just went on a run...second this week. I think im gunna make it a regular occurrence this Summer. I like that idea. 

Today has been a good day! Monopoly in first period, laughed so hard at lunch my abs hurt for a while after that, I sat next to Abbey in English and had fun with the Substitute that believed in Aliens, i just went on a run, HG is coming over tonight, and its a beautiful day and not to mention a Friday. yay! 

To Do List:
  • Shower...mmm
  • Clean Shower.
  • Put up clean laundry
  • Write Post Card to Sambird and get it ready to be mailed...with a CD =]
  • Vacuum that spot on my carpet that I accidentally got grassy. 
  • Do some homework [ I have a lot and not a lot of time this weekend ] 
  • Re-Color coordinate my closet...there is a bright green shirt in the middle of the black section. 
  • Check out the Movies on Demand to see what HG and I can watch tonight.
Seems productive enough for today.


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