Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Music: Now or Then?

Sometimes I wish music wasn't as advanced. I mean yes, some of the newer advances in the music industry has been great and has improved musical quality. But, think about it. We buy everything off of iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, and all the rest of those music catalogs.

How many CD's do you own anymore? Vinyl Records? Cassette Tapes? I will admit the only Cassette tape i own is "The Adventures in Odyssey." One that I got by buying a kid's meal at Chick-Fil-A when I was little. Actually I have two cassette tapes...the second is is Psalty's Heart to Change the World. Neither necessarily music but still classics.

Personally I dont have an iPod. Do I want one...yes and no.

  • Convenient
  • I adore music and to have it at my fingertips at all times would be my ultimate joy.
  • Its an iPod.

  • I would be conforming to social pressures.
  • I would no longer depend on CD's which saddens me because i love CD's. [ I will have to continue this argument in another paragraph]
  • My money would be going to iTunes and not directly to the Artist anymore.
So now what...do i get one or not? I just can't decide.

My love for CD's arent just because they are cool or something like that. I feel like we are not supporting our musicians anymore. The people that worked so hard to get these CD's out and produced are getting ripped off my things such as iTunes or other illegal ways of getting music [I can think of five websites right now off the top of my head]. My friend is about to release her album in the next month. She is a new artist that hasnt been picked up by a record company or anything like that yet. But I think to myself, in a couple of years from now...thats going to be barely possible. CD's just dont sell anymore, iTunes does.

Even music itself is conforming. I mean turn on the radio...on the mainstream pop radio station, here it is G105, you will hear about 6 songs that arent really even that good. I mean they have a catchy tune to them and they get stuck in your head...and now-a-days that means its a "great song." Wow, when did the music industry come to have such low standards? A cute face will get you a contract with a record company. Take the Jonas Brothers for instance...if they were ugly would they sell? Talent doesnt matter anymore. Yes of course there are exceptions, there are alway exceptions, but seriously the quality of the music industry has hit one of the lowest points in history and people are too blinded by society to realize.

If you want to find some solid music you have to dig and scrap to find the bright and shining light that is talent. The indie society has some fantastic talents...find them! Listen to them! Fall in love with them!

Oh how i wish that we would go back to the first time that White British-Americans heard their African slaves sing tunes that they had never heard before. Or when the Beatles took over the hearts of every girl on the planet. Or when Motown hit the charts with a bang. Or when Jazz was introduced into the American public and took over Harlem's streets.

Can we go back?

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Daryl Munroe said...

what are you talking about stephie?! motown is still the shizz!