Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleepy Summer Wishes.

I'm a sleephen pupphen!

Today I have already taken a bath to try to relieve my back of its really annoying pain and a nap and I am still exhausted! All of that running, swimming, laughing, sunbathing, late nights, happiness, car rides, sitting, standing...and all that jazz has caught up with me =]. I actually think I am going to go to sleep at 9pm tonight, which if you know me then you know that this is an unheard of Stephie Statement. My usual nights push 12am and thats on a school night...haha.

Oh man I want summer... as I sat here I realized how much I want it! I only have 11 full school days until exams and finals. Thats all! Of course teachers love to cram anything and everything they can into those last few days so its going to be agony but I keep counting down. My exams will all be pretty simple...

Civics and Economics: I have heard it is really easy and our teacher is really great and I think she will prepare us well.
Creative Writing: I dont even know if we will have one...i mean we didnt have a midterm.
French: My teacher has been absent for 50% of our class so...i really dont know how this one is gunna go.
English: We are taking basically an AP exam...that consists of a huge essay talking about one of the books we read this semester and we write it during the 3 hours we are in the classroom...bahh i hate exams.

Well we shall see.

But right now I want to be over at the apt hanging out with the girls...because seriously that is what I will be doing ALL summer.

I miss Whit and Jessie!

Alright sleep now!

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