Friday, May 29, 2009

I Prefere Talking in the Dark

Last night I talked to God.

Last night I finished my routine of getting ready for bed. You know, jewlry off, pjs on, teeth brushed, music on, bedside truck light on, overhead light off, bed= comfy...the drill. But last night when i set my alarm and turned off the light bedside me I just started talking to God. I mean it wasn't like God was physically sitting next to me and we are chatting but i just laid there in my bed and, out loud, i talked...i prayed. I prayed for all of the people that popped into my head, Jess & John in Texas, Sambird & her summer college stuff, Cat & Whit in Atlanta, Katie...for her life, the youth group girls...for their motivation. I just needed to talk to God. To tell Him that i needed help to be patient, i have had some trouble with that lately. I need direction. And in His time all of my prayers will be answered.

Oo man, its amazing how many new prayer requests can come up in a day...
-Bryant and his famiy in New York
-My decision between a wedding or a camp
-My friend's heart to be focused on God and nothing more
-More patience.
-Monday to come sooner.
-Jess & John to get 7 songs done within these 2 more days!
-My friend coming to Christ
- Nancy & Will...i dont know why I just want to pray for them and their life they share together.

I'll add those tonight...yay now i look forward to going to bed! Woo Hoo.


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