Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day that Could Easily be Forgotten.

So today wasnt the best of days.

School was wretched. I mean I almost got written up...which for those who dont know means I get detention. Can anyone see Stephanie Drummond at detention? and on a different occasion today I got in an argument with my teacher about Christianity. It was just a bad day.

Then got home and Indie greeted me, that was a plus.

Then I went to Starbies with the girls from church and that was a blast! I deeply adore them.

While there I got a call from my sister, who went to the Hillsong America Conference! She was at the conference and held out the phone so I could hear Brooke Fraser sing Desert Song. And then the song that directly followed it was a song called Oh You Bring which is my favorite new song from their new album! I so wanted to be there! I mean seriously why did it have to be on a weeknight on the second to last week of school? When i was listening to them play it almost made me want to cry because here i was having a pretty bad day in general and then my sister and friends are in a place getting soaking wet and praising God with Hillsong.

Christ I need you to come and flatten me. Please. I am just blindly walking and I need you to come and renovate my thoughts and my heart. Focus me on You.

Sleep is sounding fabulous right now,

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