Monday, May 18, 2009

From Starry Nights to Fluorescent Libraries.

I wish our library looked like that one! Oh man I wish I had that library in my house!

Again I seem to find myself in the library. And i am doing some work today just because one of my old teachers is behind me. But now I am done with my work so... I dont know what to do, actually I need to read for a couple chapters in a book before 4th period. I'm gunna go get on that.

But I dont really want to so I'll wait on that.

I had a great time this weekend. I really did, it was a fantastic retreat. I needed it.


That was the "topic" of the weekend. I dont really like to call it a topic but that was what we focused on for the weekend.

Am I focused on Christ? and if not...What steps can I take to be focused?

The last night of the weekend, after the last meeting together, I went out to the beach alone and just layed down and looked at the stars and listened to the waves. I had to get away. There I just spoke to God. I asked Him questions and I cried out to him. Out loud I cried to Him. But there it was just me and Him.

I needed Him. I need Him.

Well I'm gunna go and read,

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