Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer, Im so glad you are coming home!

Hello blogger people.

So I just completed 1 out of my 7 full days of school left. That means I have 6 more to go. Then I have to complete 4 exams, which in terms of days that is 4 half days.

Exam days make me feel like im in college for those three hours. You go into your classroom you sit down, your teacher gives you your exam, you take the exam, teacher declares the testing period is over and then walk out the doors of the school and you are done with that class forever. Especially 4th period exam because after that you walk out those doors and you are through for the entire summer! My smile is endless when i walk out those doors.

My Summer Happy List:

  • Having money from selling my rings at Stitch and Holly Aiken Bags! Yay
  • Camp with Daryl, HG and many many more!
  • Going to hang out in Catherine's classroom!
  • Jessica Lyndon Ray's CD Release!! ahhh i truly cant wait!
  • NRC Youth's Summer Wednesdays
  • The Apt...ALL the time! First summer at the apt! I'm lovin' this idea
  • The Beach! Hopefully with Jessie again! That was just a blast!
  • Lifted events and planning
  • HOT Weather!
  • Hopefully going to visit Sambird!
  • Sleeping in! ahh i miss that!
  • Summer Reading List...that will come soon! [preview: Reading the entire Bible! im so excited]
  • First summer with Indie pup!
  • Hanging with Abbey!
  • DRIVERS LICENSE!!! yipper skipper! Do you know how much i will love that?!
  • Reading books/Writing on the lawn at the seminary.
  • Reading/Writing at the coffee house in Wake Forest
  • Maybe more Coffee Days with Jess ;)
  • Barnes and Noble nights with Whitta!
  • Heather's Wedding!
  • Shopping for a dress for Heather's Wedding!
  • New music...Hillsong, Eisley, etc...
  • AP Summer Homework...not the funnest thing in the world but hey.
  • Summer Thunderstorms at night
  • Hopefully Spend-the-Nighties at my house...doubt it but a girl can hope.
  • Going/helping out at Jess's gigs! I am so excited about this one!!!!
  • Star Gazing Nights
  • The Renewal of The Clue Nights
  • Zaxby's club Meetings hehe
  • More Battleship touraments...one of these days I will win and not have to listen to Jess say "its alright, maybe next time. But I might be too good for you." haha

And im sure there will be more but for now...im pretty content with that.

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