Thursday, May 21, 2009

The First Time I Wrote a First Time Post.

I feel like I need a happy post! 

Tonight I have the entire upstairs to myself. I have a Macbook on my lap and I am listening to a channel on my TV that is called Adult Alternative and basically all its playing is music! I love it! The last two songs have been by M. Ward and Counting Crows [ the old stuff ]. 

Ooo on the Pop Hits channel...Life in Technicolor II by Coldplay is playing! I am loving these music channels.

Wow!! I just changed it to the Kidz Only channel haha. Candy  by Mandy Moore is playing! haha. and now it just changed to S Club 7! haha I totally had their album! 

Oh but this channel wins the award!! Toddler Tunes...the song is called Imagination and there is this lady talking in the middle of the song...we are just gunna leave it at that! 

And Christian Contemporary, i wish you were better! Hey JRay can you fix that?  

Sweet! 90s Hits are making me happy, No Doubt is playing there old stuff! 

Well anyway i hope you liked my journey through the world of Cable Music. I have 18 days left until I am finally on Summer Break, 8 school days until finals, 4 day week next week, 3 full days after that. I have aunts coming this weekend. I have an unbelievably boring weekend next weekend [the apt is gone]. I am hosting a Sr. High M.A.S.H. next Sunday. Im going to work at Holly Aiken making rings for her! I have camp in less than a month! I have Heather's wedding in a little less than 2 months. 

WHOA PAUSE! 90's channel is now playing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" yay!! SPACE JAM! That was The Movie! I want to watch it right now!

Okay back to what i was saying before that lovely interruption. Okay hold on again, so i just changed the channel to Kidz Only [ cause you know Im a kid right] and Miley Cyrus is playing and usually I would change it immediately but honestly I kinda like this song. Its her new one called The Climb and it is from her new movie. I mean it doesnt sound that much like her and thats why I like it. 

Okay now back to me actually blogging. I am so close to being done with my Sophomore year of high school. It was actually an incredibly fast year. The memories collected are endless. So many firsts. The first time spending the night at the apt, the first time sleeping everyday in a class, the first time stage managing a show on my own and not getting the right credit for it, the first time WiSH cooked for the apt, the first time Jess picked me up from school, the first time i got to see the inauguration of the first black president because it was a snow day, the first time i turned 16, the first time i have been to a film festival, the first time I got baptized!, the first time I had ever called Jess on my own free will [im not a phone person], the first time I photographed a band, the first time i dyed someone's hair red,  the first time I used a good camera [jess's], the first time I saw Michael Alvarado play, the first time i had the girls sing Happy Birthday to me, the first time I had a Jane Austen marathon, the first time I went to a New Years Eve party at the apt, the first time I had ever eaten a Coca-Cola Hot Dog [thank you Daniel Faucette], the first time Sambird and I hung out alone after school one day, the first time i had a snow day with the girls, the first time have gotten asked out by two different guys on facebook and said no to both [creepers from school], the first time i have done photography for a basketball game, the first time I had taken a road trip for a day at the beach with the girls, the first time I helped out at a Project Concert, the first time i have heard Jess and the band play at Jack Sprat, the first time i have gotten into a 18 or older bar for a show, the first time i heard of Remember Nhu, the first time i made bracelets that said NHU on them, the first time I worked with a organization called Remember Nhu, the first time I went on stage during an event to set up a mic and carry off a guitar, the first time i helped with a Lifted event, the first time i worked on a musical, the first time i worked with a professional broadway lighting designer, the first time i did tech for youth group. 

Yes...I'd say a pretty great year. Dont you think so? 

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