Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hoping for a better night.


Today was not good! It was lame! It was bah!! It was soo long and so annoying!

I only have 7 days until my first exam! Why do teachers insist on cramming information in before that! Urgaaa.

My first period complaints: Notes, notes and more notes.... we have a test friday!
My Second period complaints: There are only 6 students in the class since more than half were seniors and seniors are gone now...we are stuck completing our fantasy story! Draft due tomorrow.
My Third period complaints: Oh just the usual...not enough work. I finished everything in the first 30 mins.
My Fourth period complaints: Oooo i just had the worst fourth period! We had a class discussion of a completely boring book for the ENTIRE class...1 hour and 45 mins! During this time my teacher continued to compare Christians to Nazis! Seriously?

All i have to say is that i am so thankful that the cell group girls are meeting tonight. If we werent this would have seriously been a depressing day!

Heres to Indie for brightening my day!

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