Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear Spring and Summer of 2008

Do you remember?

  • When four days was too long for us to go without seeing each other.
  • When come and hang out tonight meant that you would spend the night because we would convince you that you were too tired to drive all the way down Falls or up 5 mins up to Wake Forest
  • When the Rays had the 1am rule : If it is after one stay where you are!
  • When the futon was my bed almost every night
  • When Stella met everyone.
  • When it was hard to say goodbye a night because we all had to go home.
  • When our house was always occupied by honorary Drummond Girls.
  • When my room was our room
  • When our room was filled with giggles in the dark
  • When sitting on the lawn of our friends house at night was the best part of our weeks.
  • When spring break was the start.
  • When a weekend at Jess' house was not at the apt.
  • When sleeping over with Catherine was in a room filled with Broadway stuff and chocolate covered strawberries
  • When the Taxi was in service
  • When staying out after 10 was a usual occurrence.
  • When staying out in downtown Wake Forest until 12 was the start of something.
  • When "Kirk" was spoken between giggles and Shane and Shane singing Carry Away.
  • When the first "Summery Day" was spent together at Mistletoe, playing home run derby on a golf course, and eating ribs with the families.
  • When late nights were spent together but not because there was the apt but because we just wanted to be together.
  • When Jess laid on my bed and couldnt tell me what she wanted to tell me cause all she could do was laugh cause i was smiling at her and in actuality she was going to tell me NRC Youth wanted me to come on as a techie!!
  • When we realized that Whit was the Platinum Wink and I had a Silver Tongue.
  • When GilGirls Nights were invented.
  • When...the first time i grabbed Jess' hand and asked her if i could talk to her.
  • When The Jess Videos were made.
  • When they realized it would be cool if they lived together.
  • When they got the Apt
  • When we stained chairs red and put our names on the bottom just for kicks.
  • When the beginning was the hanging of the flags.

I definitely am not saying I dont like the Apt...i love it. But i do miss some of these things. And I do know that some of these are never going to happen again unless they are scheduled...thats sad thought.

Those are some lovely memories,

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