Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a Joy.

Today was pretty great. It was a normal day, no deviations from my usual. School was great...first period we had a substitute [ in Civics and Economics] which means that all we did was busy work. But im not opposed to busy work. I would take it any day over group work...something about group work i really dont like.

Anyway, 2nd period we learned we would be writing a script as a class for a skit the faculty of Wakefield High School would be putting on... and my favorite teacher, my Technical Theatre Teacher, is going to be in this skit! I am soo excited! And the rest of the class period was devoted to reading, which i am perfectly fine with.

In third period, i got to sleep. hehe. Im really bad about sleeping in class, I dont sleep in a class where i need to listen or anything like that, just the classes where i am acing and i know i dont have to listen for that period of time. But one great thing about third period is that lunch divides it into two other words we have like 45 mins of class and then we go to lunch for 45 mins and then we come back in class for 45 mins....its awesome. And not to mention that i have one of the best lunch tables ever! 5 of my best friends at school are in my lunch and they are such a blast to hang around! I laugh so hard i cry almost every day at lunch. We have the best 45s every day! Its spectacular.

And then in 4th period we read the book of Genesis in the PRE AP ENGLISH!! Isnt that awesome! I get to read the Bible in class! And then we discuss it and i love classes where you can get into a full out discussion that takes up the entire class period and all you do is debate your opinion about a reading or a statement! Its soo great! And my friend Abbey is in my class, and she is a joy [and a Christian, now that is refreshing!]

And after school i got to take a three hour nap which was completely needed! And now i am going to finish my readers response questions to the Legend of Gilgamesh which we just finished reading and i am going to watch a movie while falling asleep and get up tomorrow, go to school, get out of school early cause my family is leaving for the hometown tomorrow. And then i go downtown with my brother and sister and then to the apt for the weekend. Such great prospects dont you think?

OH and I got a call and an email from the Dean of Admissions for Elon University, and he is really looking into my transcripts and PSAT scores and wants to help me out with getting a better grasp on college and getting scholarships and grants and everything! And he seems really nice and I am soo stoked about this college thing...yipper skipper!

Thanks God,

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