Saturday, February 21, 2009

Imagine If...

Okay imagine with me for a second. Imagine that you get an offer tomorrow [or in my case when i get out of high school] that would take you away from your home for 5 years or so and you take it because it is an amazing opportunity or what not. So you go away and you talk to people from home only like once every three months or so just because what you are doing keeps you quite busy. But then your 5 years comes to a close and you go back home. What do you think has changed?

As i wrote that prompt type thing, or thought about it on the way home from downtown today i actually tried to answer what i really thought would be different.

Okay so say i left the day i finished high school [because logically i wouldn't do anything like that before i finished high school] and i came home when i was 23 years old.

My family:

Mom and Dad probably wouldn't have changed much...maybe have moved into a smaller place just for them but thats probably about it. Just a little bit older.

Max: I would hope moved out and in his own place and has at least a girl friend...fiance? wife? please?...With him it is hard to say because i would really like to hope that he kept with the photography thing and travels around to different stadiums taking pictures for different sports teams around the country...but he changes his mind to quickly so i dont know.

Mere: She probably would stay pretty much the same...she is kinda like that.

Whit: Well whitta, really i would probably pack her in my suitcase to come with me but since thats not an option i would say that she still would have her job with Holly Aiken but she could have also opened a Stitch in another city like Atlanta or something like that...just because i dont expect her to stay here in Raleigh for the rest of her life. Hopefully there is a man in her life as well. =]

Sammy Boy: Well 7 years from now Sam will be 21 so he will still be in college somewhere because he will totally get into a great college and find a profession that he will just love and look good in the attire...i see him as like a graphic designer somewhere. And probably still hundreds of girls flocking to him.


Hannah Grace: Well she will be the same age as Sammy Boy but i dont see her leaving the city of Raleigh so maybe she will go to somewhere like State or Carolina. She will be so big! And she will be doing big things!

Jess: Well this one is easy! She will of course be big and famous in the Christian music industry, but not like "big" like the category of music that plays on the radio, just cause not a lot of good Christian music comes from the radio...but who knows maybe she will change all that. I imagine Jessica Lyndon Ray music to be like Shane & Shane or Hillsong, you know like the type of artists that are big and known [and loved] by mostly all Christians but arent big because they are on the radio. I dont know...all i know is that she is going to be big and her music is going to change things and ignite hearts all over the country, maybe even the world. Ohh and we cant forget that her last name will no longer be Ray but replaced with the lovely name of Miller [hehe].

Catherine: Oh Catherine, the thing is that i can imagine Cat doing so many things that it is hard to say what will actually end up happening in the next seven years for her. I mean she has such a big heart for the Lord and I really want that heart to be shared with the world! So maybe she will still be in Raleigh teaching, but maybe she will be elsewhere spreading Christ's name.

Heather: One thing i know for sure...Heather Wilson.

Sam Bird: Wow. All i can imagine for Sam in 7 years is that she is someone really successful, she knows what she is doing and she does it well [ i dont know what it is yet...hehe], and not to mention she looks amazing while doing whatever it is because it would be out of character for her not to look good. I can also see her on a late night drinking her green tea and writing poetry or creative non-fiction or a short story...just for fun. And i could most definitely imagine a boy somewhere in the mix of things.

Katie: Well Toon, the only thing i can see in Katie's future is her serving the Lord to the fullest. And im not sure what that actually means, i mean i dont know what particular thing she will be doing to praise and fulfill His plan but I know she will be completely at His will and doing everything with that lovely smile and beautiful laugh...even if it can sometimes be a little late ;].

Daryl: Theatre. She will be in some capacity completely submersed in theatre. But praising the Lord with every single breath she has. She is going to do big sure of it.

Well, things would be different. But im okay with that.

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