Monday, February 16, 2009

Sicky Speaking.

So I'm stressed, I get it already!!

Okay so background on me getting stressed. In my head i dont really feel stressed, i mean maybe a little stressed but not much. BUT in actuality I am completely and utterly you know why i know that?? Well when i get stressed my body almost starts to backfire on me, or just shut down. Which isnt really fun to say the least. My immune system isnt very good to begin with but then add stress and it goes berserk and i cant do anything about it...well other than trying to de-stress myself.

So let me inform you why I have come to find that i am stressed this particular week.

  1. I have this thing called Esophageal Spasms...which just means that when i try to eat, my esophagus muscles clench and will not let the food pass through into the hurts, bad! And I only get this when I am stressed...or thats what the doctor told me... I have had 2 Esophageal Spasms in the last week.
  2. Right now I am lying on my couch watching some stupid 12:00pm tv show feeling completely horrendous. Last night I woke up at like 4am and felt achy and cold and hot at the same time and my head was pounding and when i would swallow it felt like i was swallowing a knife. Lets just say i woke up sick with a fever.
seriously...i need to stop this being stressed thing, its becoming a nuisance.

Im going to eat my Campbell's chicken noodle soup just like when i was a kid.

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