Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a little Recap on the Week

Wow... Last night I stayed up a little late to spend some time with the Lord. The entire week I just have put it off because i was "too busy" or "too tired"...WHAT? Anyway, those 30 mins really changed my entire week around...i mean He is wonderful and that's that.

One just awkward thing that happened to me tonight was that for the 2 time in the span of 2 months i have gotten asked out on a date over facebook by two different creepers from my school that i have chosen to be nice to. Seriously i need to stop this "being nice" thing. Like really both of these guys I chose to talk to and i have been nice to and then they turn around and ask me out...but the weirdest thing is it was over facebook! Who in the world asks out a girl over facebook? Man it was just the awkwardest moment.

Well...that didnt put a damper on my night!

Today has been great,

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