Sunday, February 8, 2009

So many things and so little space.

There are so many things that want to break free from my mind!


It is 70 degrees here!! Oh my gosh it is amazing! I rode in a car with the windows down and summer music playing [ Sondre Lerche, Tracy Chapman, John Mayer, Imogen know the kind]. Then i went to the park in jeans with holes, t-shirt, and RAINBOWS [how much do you miss Rainbows?? Cause i do soo much!]. This weekend i had the privilege of taking two of the cutest kids to the park for an hour with the sis' roomies. This has been a fantastic weekend. From the sister and friends getting piercings to striking all the youth group equipment.

Today Jess asked me if i was OKAY, okay. And in that exact moment every bit of my being tightened up and told me to say i was fine. That is my automatic response, even if it is true. And it was true, i told her i was fine and i am...kinda. But it would have taken a lot longer than a car ride to explain the reason i am feeling "off" lately. Its really a mixture of school planning/feeling this crazy weird almost overwhelmed feeling/and being tired. And I was just quiet this weekend...just thinking about some things and being quiet stephie...which not a lot of people get to see, so Jessie was just checking which i loved and was thankful for. Even though i didnt answer completely true. Ugh, im an idiot sometimes. Ill talk to her later, maybe ill call her.

And another thing, Mrs. Ray is amazing! I got the chance to talk to her about my plans for the next couple of years and about the way God has been leading me and she was so great and encouraged much!! No wonder why her daughter is my mentor!

Lastly [ is that a word?], tonight i was setting up for youth group and so i went to get something from the big storage closet and i was walking back and i just had to stop for a few seconds and just watch. I mean it was awesome! Every Sunday for about 4 weeks at a time i get to hang out with geniuses for a couple hours and learn and work with them and i just get to hang out and then praise the righteous King!

I am blessed...thank you God!

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