Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joyful Night

There are days like these that make me just a little happier...well maybe way happier.

Tonight I completely gave myself to the Lord's will. I gave my entire being to Him and i couldnt be happier! It was probably one of the best worships i have had in a long time. Its the kind of worship where you cant stop yourself from just moving because you are that excited and you biggest smile doesnt even touch the happiness you feel for Him and your hands cant get any higher and you just want to laugh while singing just because He is that amazing! Wow! It was great!

And a friendship that was kind of dwindling was definitely brought back to life and i am soo happy for that, i missed it!

and there is a perhaps, possibly, maybe, a chance that i could possibly maybe be having coffee with someone very special to me...but if it doesnt happen im okay with that, we will just wait on another time.


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