Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Day I Think.

Im better!! Yipper skipper.

"Its just a little chest cold" now. [first one to name the movie im quoting gets a really big hug the next time i see them] I plan on going to school tomorrow, which will be awesome because i will be going to school on my favorite day of the week and ill only have three days of school left in the week!

Sad news...the apt is out of town this weekend. Whit is gone on a roadtrip to Wyoming, Jess is going to Boonetown, and Cat is going...well actually i dont know where she is going this weekend, i just know she isnt going to be here...i wonder where Princess Indie is going to be.

Maybe Hannah Grace can come over this weekend =] thats a happy thought.

Im listening to new music!! Dont you love that feeling?!?! The band is Slow Club. Its actually a pretty cool band...slightly odd but cool.

Cell Group tomorrow...GNO night Friday...maybe something enjoyable on Thursday [crossing my fingers]

Im in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and between the coughing im smiling. Good day I think.

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