Thursday, February 19, 2009

Passion? Hobby? Job?

This photograph is of Jessica Lyndon Ray

Sometimes I wish that I could be a photographer for the rest of my life. I wish I could just do that, that thing above. I wish I could go around with a band and take a million pictures in an hour [ cause its possible, and i would do it ] and praise God and just smile while doing all of this. I wish I could express myself every day by pressing my finger to that round button on the camera and making memories last forever. I love getting people to smile for a picture or catching action when no one sees me. The best kind of picture in my opinion is the Candid Shot. I mean really...seriously, I love candid shots because they show the real emotion of that specific moment that my finger pressed that round button. Ahhh its fantastic!

but then sometimes i just want it to be something I do on the weekends, in my free time, when I am with my friends. Because that keeps it special to me, it keeps it my thing and not my job.

I love memories,

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Katie Smith said...

but then again... wouldn't it be such a blessing to get paid for just doing what you absolutely love to do, and would do anyway!?