Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Update

Its started.

The crazy-busy-Stephie is back.

I have had major amounts of homework lately! Seriously like papers and essays almost every night! and I have to go back to school in about 45 mins for rehearsal that will last until about 9ish. Then i have to come home and do homework...a ton of it.

Rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks/months:

Mondays : 4pm-6pm
Tuesdays: 4pm-9pm
Thursdays: 4pm-6pm

Not too bad i think.

and even though im pretty tired and i need sleep and energy... I am wearing a smile on my face, because I find that Christ brings overwhelming happiness.

and i will take the advice of someone special:

"Don't over do it. Take breaks whenever you can. Rely on the Lord. the end."

and ill just leave it at that,

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Katie Smith said...

whoa. Just last night I gave a talk at Young Life about how we need to rest in the Lord. crazyyy