Friday, February 13, 2009

I Agree with Toon!

This day has gone by fabulously! I mean seriously! First period...we got to color;i love my teacher! Second friend Brooke and I realized we lived in the same neighborhood AND all we did the entire class period was goof off on the computers in the media center! haha. Third Period...well lets skip that period; it was Barbant [boring in french]. Fourth Period...i love my teacher! We had a quiz but still i just had fun talking with my teacher for most of the period!

And tonight Jessica is coming over to talk about The Project Concert [coming up on March 14th! COME!!]!

That is sooo weird! I just read over that sentence and i called Jess weird for me to do! Usually its...Jess or Jessie[or at least i try to call her Jessie, she doesnt like me doing it...oh well :) hehe.] But i almost never call her Jessica, unless i am talking about her or her band to someone that has never met her. Maybe ill call her Jessica tonight and see what she says...hehe i love experiments! haha

and tonight i get to take photos for Mr. Miller at North Raleigh Christian Academy's Senior Night! It will be a blast!

I am in a great mood!

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