Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exhaustion with a little Blessing.

Im Exhausted.

That is the perfect way to put my feelings at the moment. So tired i could fall asleep writing this but i cant do that because I have two papers to finish before i go to sleep.

BUT...i just talked to the other Stage Manager for the musical at my school and wow she just told me to just start back coming to rehearsal next week so that i can get caught up from the days i missed last week. I love her! That is such a blessing because i dont think i could have made it the entire week without breaking down if she hadnt just taken that burden away! Ahh. I love Lexi!

But next Sunday is my last week as a techie for a while and that saddens me! However much work i do there, i completely love every minute of it. Whether Jess is telling me [ well she asks but the answer is always yes ] something to do or im unwrapping a cord from the cabinet...i love it.

and even sadder is that I only have two weeks left of Techie Sundays for the entire year! My next block is in April and there is only two weeks for that block and then we have the Sr. High Beach Retreat! That deeply saddens me!

Ahh well i have to get to those papers!

Praying for strength,

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