Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There is no better Happy Birthday Song

I do wish Nancy was with us on that lovely night!

I love them...so mush!

Yes...they are just that cool!

Okay so my birthday was like a month and a half ago but my veryy lovely good friend Anna just uploaded a most perfect video of my birthday. And seriously if there was one moment i would want on film it would be that one!

This one moment is of three girls, with possibly three of the prettiest voices i have ever heard, singing Happy Birthday to me! It was perfection!

I just remember standing there listening to them sing to me and trying to look in their eyes but it was almost to hard. It was almost like i could have cried if i looked into their eyes for a long enough time. I dont really know why...I guess it was the fact that they are some of the most amazing girls, some of the best in the world, and they were singing to ME! WHAT?!?! There is just something wrong with that picture! I cant even believe i can call them my friends, my mentors, my imaginary sisters! Like seriously all you have to do is look at them and you would know what i am talking about...they shine for Christ unlike anyone i have ever met and they are gorgeous and then if they open there mouths and sing or speak its just...spectacular!

Man i love Sam, Heather, and Jess!

Thank you God for putting these girls, these friends that i dont deserve,

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nancy ray said...

i love you! i wish i was with you that night tooooo!!! xoxo